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It’s Just a Jump to the Left… PART ONE

Things got a little out of hand for a while there.

Last transmissions I put out were a really clipped one last September before I headed out to SPX (what a time, what a time). Before that, the last regular style blogging was about what to expect at CAKE, the first round of the new Chicago show. I’m not able to remember many of the details about CAKE, besides being moved to the side near the bathrooms and Box Brown being So Mad about it. I remember push-up contests, discovering some exciting new work and being surrounded by so many wonderful comics people. I love you, comics people. Barry Matthews of Secret Acres had a moustache, I learned a lot about Prince, and I made the decision to formalize my distribution/publishing efforts as Czap Books. I told one or two people about this.

June was also when the local design and music communities come together for the always impressive Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. Of the significant moments I can remember of that day, one was meeting Sean Clark. He’d just been drafted into Two Hand Fools as the bassist to replace the deposed Molly, a situation I was admittedly bummed about. Sean was extremely nice and complimentary though, and fine company to share some Happy Dog with. After lunch, we were hanging around outside the venue and could hear these strange voice alterations come belting from inside. I decided to check it out and was introduced to Hop Along, whose song “Tibetan Pop Stars” dominated a large portion of my year’s listening time and is looking like a fitting candidate to join my list of Favorite Songs of All Time. Now that’s I’ve finally gotten around to listening to the rest of that record, Get Disowned, I am really captivated by this band. It’s a really fascinating album. (I also bought Maryn Jones’ tape Gift, which became my soundtrack for eating dinner in my library, reading comics. Love love this tape.)

Since I was in the neighborhood, I made sure to catch up with John G. I’d been wanting to move out of my strictly temporary Willoughby Hills apartment and relocate as close to downtown as possible since before I’d resigned my lease for the first time not quite a year prior. Although it was looking like I wouldn’t find a place, or even have the time to really look, I hadn’t signed up for a third year at Pine Ridge just yet. So the situation was all lined up for John offering me the vacant place above him. It was a no-brainer, and we headed up the street to meet the landlord who was taking down an exhibition a block away.

There were some hiccups along the way, but within a month I was living in Cleveland proper again, for the first time since 2004. Being a carless college student, trips to the west side had always been extremely limited, so in this new age of freedom, it felt like I was moving to an entirely new city, although of course I’d started to get to know the greatest parts over the past year.

I’d like to keep a diary someday, but in the meantime, the best I have is the private section of my website where I upload various images I need urls for.