Lovefest: Teenage Mutants

by Kevin Czap As I slowly get myself back into the habit of doing this Cube thing, I wanna talk about kids. I really love reading, watching and hearing about the life stories of teenagers. There’s something excruciatingly sentimental (in a good way) about this particular age where human beings are caught up with negotiating […]


by Kevin Czap Hey gang, just a little message letting you know that I am going to be taking two or three weeks off from updating my end of the Cube. Got a couple comics projects that I want to devote more time to in order to release ’em soon. Expect some really cool stuff […]

What It Is – 2011

by Kevin Czap While we’re talking about lists, perhaps it’s time to throw my own hat in this ring. I had a really fabulous year in 2011, thanks in no small part to the amazing comics landscape I found myself increasingly mired in. It can be exhausting trying to keep up, to the point where […]

BCGF Haul Reviews Part 5 (Final)

by Kevin Czap The bottom of the pile! Wow, that’s a lot of comics. Ok, onward. Pope Hats #1, Ethan Rilly — Pretty interesting reading this after the second issue, the few years in between really making themselves known. Even with the ghost in this one, the story is missing the bizarre charm and absurdity […]

BCGF Haul Reviews Part 4

by Kevin Czap Hey, it’s January, BCGF was a month ago, but I still have comics to review. Here we go, the end is in sight. “Roussimoff,” Box Brown — Brown continues this interesting biopic of Andre the Giant, constructed from a bunch of incidental fragments of the Giant’s life. that explore the day to […]