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Announcing our new online store, where you can buy comics from myself, Liz Suburbia, Matt Czap, the PUPPYTEETH anthology and more to come. Woo!

State of the Encyclopedia – Spring Slam ’12


Kevin Czap at CAKE

Here’s the scoop numero uno – I’m going to be at CAKE in sunny Chicago this weekend. This exciting first-time event is open to the public and stacked with an all-star roster. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Kevin Czap Need More

Even more reason to be there is because I forced myself to make a brand new, 12 page mini comic which I called “Need More.” It’s about Tumblr (kind of) so it’s sure to be a hit with the kids, especially since it’s got a shiny color cover. The folks at CAKE were super nice and featured the info on their blog. I will also have all 6 months worth of Trigger, which includes a brand new one to debut at the show as well. The deal will be, the brand new one, which looks like this:

Kevin Czap Trigger 6

will be free to everyone, and then back-issue bundles will be a dollar each. So that’s issues 1, 2 and 3 for a buck and/or 4 and 5 (plus #6 as well, of course) for another buck. And then we’ll also have the rest of the peanut gallery, including Birthday Surprise, PUPPYTEETH 2, “Waffle,” all the Liz Suburbia stuff and Matt Czap’s “Mia Protasi.” Lots to choose from!


Did you know I’ve got a new webcomic? What O’Malley said was true, everything changes when you’re drawing a book. Gotta keep workin’

There’s probably more to talk about but I can’t remember. This is all the important stuff right here.

Oh yeah, PUPPYTEETH 3 is coming soon. As is a webstore and other site updates.


Dispatch Dispatch (State of the Encyclopedia)

Five good reasons

Hey y’all,

Been a non-stop busy year and I am loving it so much. Miss getting on this old blog, though. Haven’t even had much/any time to write for the Comix Cube. Thankfully, I’ve got some good reasons why.


Chicago Zine Fest 2012

by Kevin Czap

Chicago Zine Fest 2012

Aloha my dear friends. It’s convention season again, which as far as this year is looking, basically means from now until 2013 I will be going to comics shows. I did miss the excitement in the two months I had off. One of the goals I had made for myself last year was to expand the range of shows I exhibited at, with a focus on the more indie-aimed shows. So in this spirit, the first show of the year is the Chicago Zine Fest, an amazing exhibition celebrating the aspects of this game that mean the most to me – self publishing and Doing It Yourself.


Lovefest: Teenage Mutants

by Kevin Czap

As I slowly get myself back into the habit of doing this Cube thing, I wanna talk about kids. I really love reading, watching and hearing about the life stories of teenagers. There’s something excruciatingly sentimental (in a good way) about this particular age where human beings are caught up with negotiating their place in this bizarre animal society we’ve constructed around ourselves. I have such a strong place in my heart for the bildungsroman – the truer the better. This all springs to mind because I’ve been in the process of collecting Bill Scienkiewicz’ mid-80s run on The New Mutants. These stories combine the wildness and beauty of The Sink’s drawing, his layouts, and his punky character designs with Chris Claremont’s melodramatic method acting and eagerness to expand the palette of representation in mainstream American comics. All to show us a bunch of kids trying to figure out who they are and what they’re supposed to do.

New Mutants


by Kevin Czap

Hey gang, just a little message letting you know that I am going to be taking two or three weeks off from updating my end of the Cube. Got a couple comics projects that I want to devote more time to in order to release ’em soon.

Expect some really cool stuff when I come back though, which should be in time to celebrate a whole year of the Comix Cube! Take care of each other, you guys <3.

Images taken from the episode “Hiatus” of Home Movies.

What It Is – 2011

by Kevin Czap

While we’re talking about lists, perhaps it’s time to throw my own hat in this ring.

I had a really fabulous year in 2011, thanks in no small part to the amazing comics landscape I found myself increasingly mired in. It can be exhausting trying to keep up, to the point where it’s hard to breathe. That’s when you remind yourself that you don’t need to keep up with anything, this is your damn life and whatever happens in it is all she wrote. As I’ve said a few times before in this column, I’d like to champion the creation of one’s own personal canons, one’s own list of definitive works and so forth. So, in that spirit, here is a list of the works released in the past 12 months that made a significant impression on me.


BCGF Haul Reviews Part 5 (Final)

by Kevin Czap

The bottom of the pile! Wow, that’s a lot of comics. Ok, onward.


BCGF Haul Reviews Part 4

by Kevin Czap

Hey, it’s January, BCGF was a month ago, but I still have comics to review. Here we go, the end is in sight.