State of the Encyclopedia – Octobie 2011

Hey guys, I’ve got a show coming up.

The wonderful folks at the Blackbird Baking Company in Lakewood asked me if I wanted to show my comics and well, I was just so flattered. Of course, this forced me to confront my internal conflicts over showing comics work in a gallery setting. I think it’s going to be good though, I picked work to hang that either benefits from the large size and being read on a wall. I’ve also been hard at work on making a brand new piece which will come in two parts. Kind of a multimedia affair. The second part is a limited edition mini-comic “7 inch,” a preview of which I will show you here:

Kevin Czap The Velvet Ants

But this is misleading, the rest of the comic is drastically different. Guess you’ll just have to come by to see it. Here’s the cover:

Kevin Czap The Velvet Ants

The show opening is the night of Thursday, October 20th. I hope you all can make it, I’d love to see you.



We’ve got a couple of comics conventions to get to in the meantime. This weekend, I’ll have a table at the second annual Pittsburgh Independent Expo (PIX). This is exciting, as last year’s show was the first convention I ever had a table at. It’s been a whirlwind year and I’m so grateful for all the experiences I’ve had. I’m also super excited to get to span time with my dear friend Veronica again.

MIX 2011

After that (well, my show, of course, see above, but besides that) I’ll be heading north to the Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX). I had originally planned on just visiting this show, but then decided against it. I guess a table opened up, though, and with the likes of Chris Pitzer, Anne Koyama, Jordyn Bochon and many other of my favorites, how could I refuse? Should be a lot of fun.

Genghis Con 2011

And finally, most important of all, will be Cleveland’s own Genghis Con. This one’s mandatory. Be there or be square, as I’m sure the kids are still saying.


My family is all Living The Dream.

Matt Czap is interning at Sirius and has been endearing himself to longtime favorites Ron and Fez. He’s also been endangering our bandwidth with his sudden surge in popularity. Oh and also also, he’s got a final performance for his UCB class coming up. All you New York dudes go check it out.

Liz Suburbia gets interviewed by the Real Janelle at the Maximum Rocknroll website (!)

Niki Smith just released the final issue of her collaborative, Zuda-winning digital comic, In Maps and Legends.

My dear brother Justin Davey’s studio, Snap Sound, won a fucking Emmy.

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