Your Own Private Canon

by Kevin Czap The Hooded Unitarian [sic] is sending around feelers for folks working in comics to fess up to their Top Ten Comix of All Time. I was a notorious lister back in high school, but have cooled on the whole concept in recent years. However, the tendency may have just evolved into a […]

Where in Hell

by Kevin Czap I’ll admit, I had another idea for a post but some last minute research toppled the whole premise. Looking through my bookshelf in a panic, I landed on my Life in Hell books. If nothing else, this post is intended to help keep Matt Groening’s old strip in our public consciousness. It’s […]

A word from the author

by Kevin Czap
So I was at TCAF last weekend. It was great. I’m going to write more, but I need more time to recover. EDIT: Check out the report here
More importantly, did you know that tomorrow is L’s birthday? Happy birthday, L.


by Kevin Czap So my Cube compatriots here were all talking about sketching and process over twitter sometime last week, and Darryl had the good idea of devoting time to write on the subject here. This idea caught me at a time when I’ve been doing some philosophizing about process and the whole idea of […]