Do it to death

Hey folks

Just stepped off the work train to do some blogging with you all. I’m trying this weekly schedule thing where I set aside an hour or so a night to take care of business that’s not drawing comics. Wednesday happens to blogging night, so if everything works out, you can expect me to put up something new on regular schedule.

Anyway, last week I was sharing my excitement about a couple of great young cartoonists who really inspire me. Today I’m going to show you some of what I’ve been working on recently. But first, I want to talk about the amazing haul of comics I picked up last month.

What we have here is a smattering of great and, for the most part, new stuff in the vast world of comics. A couple I ordered online but most of them I picked up on my travels from VA to NY. So what can I recommend to you?

King City Brandon Graham has put together one of the best and most original comics epics in a long time. I was lucky enough to get together 9 issues of the 12 issue series (if anyone knows where I can get #1 I’ll be very grateful). The series, despite from being close to universally lauded by the critics, seemed to be mostly ignored by a lot of comics shops (well, ok, I can only speak from personal experience. I’ve kind of got a huge grudge against my local shops for refusing to carry it. If only it was so easy to just “wait for the trade…”). I won’t give anything away in terms of plot, but I will say the way Graham handles the ending is pitch perfect, unique in the execution and really moving personally. I also really like how Brandon thrives in the pamphlet format, capitalizing on all the things that make serialization so engaging.

Wowee Zonk #3 The ever-widening footprint of on the landscape of art comics has been something I’ve been watching with great interest for the past couple of months. Kickass Annie displays her knack for gathering together world-class talent in this volume, stand-outs including Michael DeForge, Selena Wong and Dan Rocca.

Diary I’ve been really loving Gabrielle Bell‘s online diary strips, and so I was excited to pick this up. I love love love the pink cover with silver printing, and how it goes with the off-white, ivory pages inside. Bell is a master. The thing I still can’t get over is how the inside covers are sketchy early versions of her comics. Particularly the inside front cover, which is just too cute for words. But what really amazes me is the fact that this strip appears in its final form later on, and from the jump in sophistication, you can tell just how much Bell puts into this simple, little strips. Big hearts.

Cyanide Milkshake #2!!!! Liz Suburbia was so kind as to give me a copy of her new zine, and let me tell you, folks, you better write her and beg to have this thing sold online. Dogs, fart jokes, bonin’, zombies, bonin’… I’ve said this before and I will surely say it again – Liz is doing the best work of her career, constantly one-upping herself. Beautiful.

Closed Caption Comics 9 Lots to like about this book. Standouts for me were the comics by Molly O’Connell (really loved this one, love the Squeezee Brothers) and Chris Day. Order one for yourself and get the beautiful screen-printed chipboard slip.

RAV 2 – 4 I told you guys Mickey Z is great. Here’s the proof.

Spotting Deer Typical DeForge – gorgeous, funny, unnerving and thought provoking.

minis by Derik Badman I got a small handful of abstract minis from Badman, one of them featured in the Abstract Comics anthology. I really like what he does with the comics form (the set of three mini minis were bound together by a fourth comic strip – brilliant).

I also got Duncan the Wonder Dog and Go Go Monster but haven’t really gotten to them yet. Pretty eager to dive into them both.


Ok, I promised you comics, so here you go.

This four pager I put together as a freebie to give out at Genghis Con in November. I was thinking a lot about space and architecture and poetry. The interior scenes are taken from photographs of a Frank Lloyd Wright house and the exterior is a home designed and built by a regular woman out of rocks for her family to live in. The painting on the last page is a Dan Tranberg.

Kevin Czap 2010
Kevin Czap 2010
Kevin Czap 2010

This one I just did for the SPACE 2011 Anthology. To tell you the truth, I really want my comics to be like songs, so this was kind of practice for that. It’s an adaptation of the Fugazi song, “Latin Roots,” from Steady Diet of Nothing.

Kevin Czap 2010

Kevin Czap 2010

Kevin Czap 2010

I’ve been getting excited about color, so it was really great to start playing around with it.


Next week I expect to share some really exciting news with you all. Speaking for myself, I’m pretty thrilled about it, so it will be fun to share.

And more comics, why not.

Take care, y’all.

3 thoughts on “Do it to death

  • Kevin freakin’ Czap!!!!

    Everytime I ask this guy “what are you up to,” he’s all like “coloring this comic.” Then I drag my limpy leg over to the internet tonight and WHAT DO I SEE? WHAT I SEE IS THIS DANG COMIC MR. CZAPIEWSKI HAS DRAWN AND COLORED.

    Well, what are you going to tell me next time I ask you what’s up? WHAT WILL YOU TELL ME???

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