Bringing it back to today

OK brothers and sisters, I don’t want to go too long between posts so I thought I’d say hey to everyone. It’s also a good opportunity to remind you about Genghis Con coming up next Saturday. This is a really amazing thing to happen to Cleveland so show your support! Let’s make it happen!

John G Genghis Con 2010

I will be there with all my good stuff that I was talking about at PIX the other week, plus (!!) an exclusive, brand new 4 pager that I’ll be giving away for free! I think it’s one of the nicest looking comics I’ve ever made and I would love to give it you guys, so stop by and say hey.

Here’s a sneak preview:

kevinczap fourpage comic Genghis Con 2010

A Wonderful Night

kevinczap Catherine Irwin Beachland Ballroom flyer

So I told you guys that Catherine Irwin was coming to town a few weeks ago. Good lord, what a show. So so so beautiful. I got to spend some nice time with her afterwards to let her know how much her work means to me. As I mentioned in my big music post at the beginning of the year, her record Cut Yourself a Switch is one of the most influential artworks of the past decade for me. And only living a bit over two decades, that’s a pretty significant amount of time.

She has plans to record her next record sometime soon, and judging from the new material she had for us the other night, it could be even more powerful than the last. We’ll have to see. And if that wasn’t enough, I now have a Dan Tranberg piece, so things are pretty good in the art department.

Catherine Irwin
This was not from her Cleveland show, but a couple days afterwards. Source


So I participated in the annual HARVEYJAMES™ “Choose a Cat, Draw a Girl” fun internet activity. Compared to many of the other mind-blowing examples, mine is kind of standard fare, but I had fun with it.

kevinczap Harvey James Draw a Girl 2010

I’ve also been working on a secret dream project that I might be able to share with you guys at some point in the near future.

Also! Karen Lillis, who I met and spoke with at PIX, has been hosting a series of small press recommendations over at her blog. She was kind enough to let me offer up my two cents, but even more than that, I got to share a post with the great Jim Rugg! Imagine that. Go check it out, won’t you?

Also, internet buddy Costa K. audaciously declared my brother and I as artists he “loves.” He says some very nice things about the two of us, so I think that warrants you to go read some of his own stuff. Wouldn’t you agree?

The year is wrapping up pretty soon now and I’ll be pretty busy I think. We’ve got two more chapters left for Spoilers and I have every intention to wrap that up before the end of the year. So hang tight and have the hanky close at hand. I’m planning on dropping the penultimate chapter in a week or two.

I’ll be headed back to the homeland of Northern VA for Exmuss and then going up to New York City to attempt the most magnificent sphere collision you could imagine for New Years. I think I’ll be proclaiming my travels the Spoilers Tour so hopefully you can make it to the wrap party (there may be rapping).

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now. Wait, one more thing. Remember, Alex Martin? He made that amazing board game in the middle of PUPPYTEETH (Glasp! What, you don’t have it yet?!!). Well, that cat, my main mayonnaise, he’s finally outfitted himself with an honest to goodness blog. He has some great stuff. Go go go.

ok, that’s it. For real.


see you next time.

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