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Ca’in the Yowes to the Knowes

Hey hey hey,

what’s happening?

I’ve been away for a little bit, but of course I have been mad busy! To make it up to you all, this one is an image-heavy post.

matt czap

Part of what has been going on is I moved into a new apartment. It’s a pretty nice place, albeit a little empty. I’ll be slowly building it up but it serves its purpose pretty well.

kevin czap

My actual brother came up to visit last week and reminded me that there are funny things out there on the internet (that’s his comic up there that I think he wrote about me…) He’s got me reading the amazing Problem Sleuth from Andrew Hussie’s MS Paint Adventures. I am floored by this work, it really seems to be taking the concept of the true “web” comic to new heights. What he showed me of this and Hussie’s more recent ongoing comic/game, Homestuck, I am really impressed and excited. It’s also got me thinking a lot about video games and fusion comics.

No slouch himself, Matt Czap is also running new comic strips on his website Monday, Wednesday and Friday that are sure to give you a chuckle.

kevin czap matt czap

Puppy Teeth

kevin czap Puppy Teeth comic

I’ve also been working hardcore on comics! The above is a sample of my newest short that will appear in a new mini Liz Suburbia and I are co-editing called Puppy Teeth. I am so god damned excited about this project, let me tell you about it. We’ve gathered together 10 (!) of the best artists and cartoonists that we have the pleasure of knowing and are putting them all between two covers just in time for this year’s Small Press Expo. Not only does that mean brand new comics by Liz and I, but also from Matt Czap, Niki Smith, and Darryl Ayo! And that’s only half of the gold you’ll find in there.

I’ll have more news as we get this thing gets put together. I am planning on setting up some kind of thingy so y’all can order it online

Ashley Brooke Toussant

Ashley Brooke Toussant Tremont Visible Voice

I’ve also been trying to get out more. A while ago at the market there was this little singer busking, singing Melanie’s “Brand New Key” (which I love because I used to not drive and also for that line “some might say I’ve done all right for a girl!”). I picked up her CD and then a couple weeks later she was playing there again. She told me she was playing in Tremont in a little bit, so the other night I went to the wonderful Visible Voice bookstore and saw Ashley Brooke Toussant and her band put on a great show. These guys are playing the Beachland Tavern on the 28th and I highly recommend you Cleveland folks to check it out!

Ashley Brooke Toussant Tremont Visible Voice

Ashley Brooke Toussant Tremont Visible Voice

In other Cleveland news, one of the RAs from my dorm at CIA first year is one of the best designers on this season of Project Runway! Although admittedly, she was the one RA I didn’t develop a friendship with, Valerie Mayen is reppin’ Cleveland something fierce. The other week I went to a viewing party on the West Side that Val threw. I hope to be able to go to the next one. Needless to say, I’m def rooting for her and voting her fan favorite.

And Finally, For Liz

Lizzy Berry has been asking me to post process images and examples from my sketchbook. I’ve recently been making more of an effort to draw in them (I usually write out stuff). It’s hard to put this up when Brandon Graham has the greatest livejournal in the world, but I guess if I can tell Liz to believe in herself, I can take my own advice. So, here’s a string of scans from my recent sketchbooks.

kevin czap sketchbook

these pages are from my newest sketchbook. The bald chick is the lead singer from The Emperors of New Skete, who will appear in an upcoming chapter of Spoilers. Trying to get used to drawing her.

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

kevin czap sketchbook

I like that crazy dude on top. I was trying to loosen up with those fellas.

kevin czap sketchbook

And here’s a page out of my Spoilers sketchbook. This is how I lay out all my chapters at first. Then I lay down rough approximations of the layouts on the full size paper, trying to figure out acual sizing proportions, whether transitions will work right. Then I finish up the pencils, ink, scan and fix up the rest in Photoshop.

Hope this is helpful for someone!

Talk to you cats later.

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2 Responses to “Ca’in the Yowes to the Knowes”

  1. LIZ says:

    YEEE this post pleases me to no end. I panicked a little bit when I saw your Puppy Teeth photo- “Why is it square? HOW DID I GET THAT WRONG”- and then realized what was going on. Did you dodge my scanner questions for so long because the answer was so obvious? Haha.

    The sketchbook is pure gold and makes me excited for more Spoilers. You even drew one of my characters! Aw. My favorites are the Lawless Lizard and Thumbs-Up Kevin, and the DUCKS! page.

    I hope you’ll continue to post those from time to time!

  2. bksalgado says:

    i loooove lawless lizard!! also <3 the duck page. hope someday you might be able to draw our little duck as a super hero:

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