I redid my portfolio over the weekend and I think it turned out really nice. I even figured out a way to keep all the rotating characters, which is something that I thought was cool about the old design. The old site was nice, but it wasn’t as accessible as it could have been. Now I have everything catagorized better and descriptions for everything. The resume also got a makeover, though that’s still needs a little more work. Hopefully it will impress someone enough to give me a shot, because I know I’m good enough to work in some creative/graphic capacity.

also, here’s a picture of bon jovi with a wolf shirt. There’s only one person who will enjoy this, and you know who you are.

lazy animals

these animals are lazy

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hmm, what could it mean?


Dear Super Secret Blog,

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging you with frequency. I wil do better. I just want want I make to be the best, so I get frustrated when it isn’t. I may look into tweeting, based on the suggestion of a rival.

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I was working on an image for a homecoming themed flier for our imrov show this Friday, but I think I came up with something that may be a little too racy. The group agreed, especially considering recent events on campus. They suggested I go with something involving a gorilla, I guess since it’s a classic image.


Been working on some halloween themed illustrations.

and still plugging away at ‘vs the wasp’

I’m throwing around some ideas in my head for coming up with a new animated series. My goal is at least to get something together that would resemble a pitch. I’ve been working on the characters first, trying to map out motivation and personality. Like in improv, I think think that the motivation of a character is what drives situations to be funny. I’m also trying to be more conscience of the physical design so that It will not only be easy to animate, but appealing.  One of the problems with something like robotbox and cactus was that robotbox had poorly constructed feet. Also, having stationary characters can be limiting, which seems to be something I also wrote myself into with hot ham water.

The last image is something that I’m doing to bolster my portfolio. It’s a boy and his mainframe.

hey daddy

I drew this tranny for an improv show flier. I think

it worked, too!

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