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Been working on some halloween themed illustrations.

and still plugging away at ‘vs the wasp’

I’m throwing around some ideas in my head for coming up with a new animated series. My goal is at least to get something together that would resemble a pitch. I’ve been working on the characters first, trying to map out motivation and personality. Like in improv, I think think that the motivation of a character is what drives situations to be funny. I’m also trying to be more conscience of the physical design so that It will not only be easy to animate, but appealing.  One of the problems with something like robotbox and cactus was that robotbox had poorly constructed feet. Also, having stationary characters can be limiting, which seems to be something I also wrote myself into with hot ham water.

The last image is something that I’m doing to bolster my portfolio. It’s a boy and his mainframe.

vs. the wasp redone

Kevin made a comic last year for his final project and it was totally awesome. What’s even more awesome is that he’s selling it on lulu, which prints to order. So I think to myself, “I WANT TO MAKE MONIES” and decided that I could sell the comic that I did for my independent study two years ago. Although I was proud of it at the time, looking back it seems like I could have executed it a lot better. So I’ve decided that I’m going to redraw and color the whole thing.