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hey daddy

I drew this tranny for an improv show flier. I think

it worked, too!

I made this little clay elephant in ceramics class just as a little sketch the other week. I put it on the shelf with the other pieces hoping that it would get fired. When I came back though, most of the pieces had been loaded in the kiln, sans little elephant. I’m not sure the reason for the rejection, but I was too shamed to ask why. His little nose broke off anyways, which was expected to happen since it was fairly thin and thought burnishing it would be a good idea. It looks like some kind of strange relative of the anteater now.

I tried using some colors i’m not used to. which one do you think looks better?

hey brother

A little while back I used to be pretty good at keeping a schedule and updating my webcomic, but I’ve fallen on punctual hard times. I figure that I’ve got to stay fresh somehow and consistantly publishing sketches and drawings will be a good way to achieve that. So here is a lion, rawr.

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