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Went to New York last week for a licensing convention. It was basically a selling-out convention, which I’m cool with at this point because it is more embarrassing sitting in a tiny booth filling out applications as people walk by and politely laugh to themselves at how stupid I must look.

Also been working pretty steadily on the conclusion of Paragon Fishing.

east side dave


Let everyone know you have a gun

more wasps

been working on making ‘vs the wasp’ animated, going to be quite a challenge for one person, I think.


ol’ trashface

trashfacedudegive yourself some ham!


And now I can take fuzzy mobile phone pics!



I was able to repurchase Eatthattoast.com for a reasonable price, hooray! I'm still deciding exactly what I want to do with it, but thought it would be a good idea to go back and update the old bumper that used to play in front of my animations.

I remember being in Kansas, somewhat lost, on a trip across America. We came across a field of crops that cut through the road. The plants on the road were sickly and withered and I made a comment to the farmer about car exhaust contributing to their¬† withered being. He gave us a tour of his farm which included a very miniature crop maze. He invited us into his home, a old hitched trailer not big enough for more than a few people. Inside we met his pet chimpanzee. The reasoning behind owning a chimpanzee in the American midwest wasn’t made entirely clear,¬† but not a lot was making sense up until then anyways. I heard a neighbor approaching the trailer and as I turned to look, I saw this horrible old dog with leathery skin and a chunk of flesh missing from his middle. His two halves were filmsily attached by a thin piece of bone. At this point I decided that we needed to get out of there before the chimp saw this creepy thing and freaked out. Sure enough, he was spooked and started freaking out. We left and continued on our rambling tour of the midwest.

This is what the dog looked like to my best recolection, although it may have been even longer and slightly lower to the ground.